Hostel Tortuga

Hostel Tortuga is a conceptual chain of international hostels that aims to connect the old to the new via several digital touch-points. It allows the target audience to discover travel stories of the past in relation to their own in the present day experience. Guests are also encouraged to write and share their own travel stories to foster a rich social environment. The design of the website and mobile app reflect a consistent focus on connectivity and exploration.

An interactive footbag (best known as the trademarked Hacky Sack) embedded with an RFID chip acts as an access key and also as a tracker that can be synced with the mobile app. This makes it easy to keep track of all the places you have visited. Footbag is a simple game that many backpackers enjoy on their adventures. Anyone can join in a game of footbag, making it a global icebreaker that invites camaraderie and creates community.

Concept + Design — Mustaali Raj
Photography ­— Cassandra Tavukciyan