Grand Spectacular

Event branding and visual look for the 2016 Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show. Gorgeously intricate and exceptionally stylish, Grand Spectacular was meant to go far beyond the limits of history with the combination of a nostalgic yet contemporary vision.

The show modernizes classic choreography and showcases Canada’s next generation of vocal talent. An ever-changing stage combines living flames, fireworks, dynamic water effects, and digital impossibilities. Precision high-flying motorcycle stunts and gravity-defying acrobats create kinetic marvels all topped by a tightrope — on fire.

Client Calgary Stampede
Agency  C&B Advertising

Art Direction + Design  Mustaali Raj
Creative Direction  Phil Copithorne
Digital Artist + Retouching  Sheldon
Model Photography  Gerard Yunker
Accounts  Kim Molle
Event Photography  Andy Nichols, Chris Bolin